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SET puroBIO Home - Diffuser + Candle + Soap Kit


The Bio Set is composed of:



The fragrance
The puroBIO home fragrances, which the whole line is inspired, have been differentiated between Energizing and Relaxing

The Diffusers are the top products of the new puroBIO Home line.

An innovative formula that has allowed us to make a organic, natural and Vegan Ok product: in practice, an absolutely safe product for our health.

The Diffuser
In the package you will find, in addition to the 100 ml glass bottle of BIO fragrance, also the 7 sticks necessary for the diffusion of it.
The glass bottle is perfectly sealed so as to avoid leakage of liquid during transport, while the sticks are packed inside by the solid recyclable cardboard packaging.

The puroBIO Home fragrance sticks diffuser is the first room air freshener to boast the organic certification by CCPB; certification that represents the guarantee to breathe only and exclusively organic
and natural fragrance without any risk to our health.


CERTIFICATION OF FRAGRANCES OF BIOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT because this certification did not exist. CCPB has created this certification for puroBIO by developing a new test and verification protocol to be able to certify our Fragrance Diffusers and our Candles. With this certificate we assure you that all the substances that are made our new products are absolutely natural,  organic and completely free of synthetic chemicals.    

The Bio candle from puroBIO home line is composed of a blend of Bio Waxes with the addition of a 100% natural fragrance.

The blend of Bio Waxes is made up of: Coconut, Palm Wax, Alba Wax and Carnauba Wax.

The glass in which the candle is contained is absolutely recyclable and reusable, while the wick and its support will be inserted in the undifferentiated recycling.

Format: 120 ml / Duration 20 hours 




The puroBIO home soap kit is composed of a BIO soap made of Shea Butter and Olive Oil, combined with a bamboo fiber soap holder.

The soap
The soap combines in a balanced way the emollient, antioxidant and moisturizing properties of Shea butter and the nourishing properties of olive oil. The result is a Biological product, natural and versatile. It can be used for cleansing and hydration as well as for the skin of the hands, including that of the body and face. It also has decongestant and soothing effects so it can be really useful after shaving or in case of cold chapping on the face, hands and feet.

 The Soap Holder
Bamboo fiber is a valid alternative to plastic and resins, we have chosen this material because in addition to being natural it is resistant and durable. The soap holder is available only in a matte black color, slightly rough, with the puroBIO home logo in the center.

The soap bar has the same certifications found on most of the cosmetics line; is therefore certified BIO by CCPB, Nickel Tested and Vegan Ok, in absolute continuity with the quality of our make-up line.Format 100 g