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The puroBIO FOR SKIN Face Masks are made exclusively with Organic and Natural ingredients and are available in various types: Cream, Alginate and Cellulose Fabric. These masks have been designed for all skin types with a specific focus on dry or oily skin.

They represent both a cuddle and an important step within a correct morning or evening face routine.

You can choose the right mask for you, as well as based on the type of skin, also based on the fragrance, at the time of day in which to do it, or according to the desired function.

All our masks exclusively contain ingredients that are natural and certified organic by ccpb, they are Nickel tested and 100% Vegan.

CLAIRE Face Sheet Mask for OILY Skin

MIRANDA Face Cream Mask for OILY Skin

OLIVIA Face Powder Mask for OILY Skin

EMILY Face Sheet Mask for DRY Skin

BRENDA Face Cream Mask for DRY Skin

KELLY Face Powder Mask for DRY Skin