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Coral Pink + Red Cherry - RESTYLE 2019


Double coloring, double beauty improved with experience

Two lipsticks in one.

The kingsize Duo Lips day & night is ideal for being prêt-à-porter, it contains two different shades of lipstick: coral pink and cherry red.

Thanks to the natural oils and vitamin E, contained in it, the mine is soft and smooth, excellent all-over, applying it on the eyes like eyeshadow, on cheeks like blush, on the lips for contour and filling.

The product is Nickel tested and is certified organic by ccpb.

Coral pink lipstick with a velvety texture makes the lips fresh and bright. Its soft texture makes it appreciable even as a blush or light eye shadow on the eyes. Excellent in combination with the Duo Day pencil.

Intense cherry-red cherry color with a matte texture, suitable for a decisive and intense make-up, enhances the lips making them irresistible. Excellent in combination with the Duo Night pencil.

Mode of Use
Apply to the lips following the contour. Repeat the application according to the intensity and the desired effect.

Main ingredients:
 Apricot Oil, Soy Oil