PuroBIO Cosmetics is the result of the desire to create products for a natural and organic make-up, made in Italy, without using ingredients harmful to health or tested on animals. The Italian brand in its own name reflects the desire to offer the most natural cosmetic and pure as possible without the customer must give up a performance of high quality.


The make-ups wisely formulated in its components, only made with oils and waxes plant and mineral pigments, simple formulas that are ideal for those who have sensitive skin and allergic reaction, as they have been totally excluded silicones, petrolatum, parabens, preservatives and synthetic dyes, perfume and gluten (although gluten intolerance does not affect cosmetics), and in accordance with the provisions of law, the product are not tested on animals. The natural formulation without synthetic agents allows safe use in pregnancy.

The products have been designed and engineered to provide freshness to the very concept of Organic Make-Up, generally reduced for the herbalists or exclusively to a certain type of clients followers of natural products. Innovation and be a viable alternative are the target for differentiate into a world of synthetics. Enjoy professional make-up without forgetting the health of skin.
Quality at the right price with puroBIO cosmetics products 

The company, with its nature-friendly policy avoids additional costs, as the second packaging, and guarantees an unbeatable price without compromising the performance. In this way organic products are accessible and affordable for everyone.

To ensure the commitment and validity of the company in the sector “bio”, we have the following certifications:



The certification present on all our products

Control and certification represent the main activity of CCPB srl. The pursuit of quality, credibility, the increase in added value and innovation have always been the aspects that inspired and supported CCPB. A work always in favor of production systems that believe in inspection and certification as an element of qualification of their services and products. www.ccpb.it


Because a completely natural cosmetics is possible

Natrue intended to provide a uniform labeling scheme; in fact, it will be able to aspire to obtain the Natrue brand, only a product that meets strict criteria regarding the raw materials used and the processing of the product.
The goal is to guarantee the end consumer a high quality of natural products through the use of organic crops.


 Vegan Ok
Because it is possible to respect animals

The Vegan OK team carries out an ethical assessment of the company before granting certification to their products. Furthermore, a check is carried out on the product labels before they are placed on the market. The company undertakes to comply in all its parts with the Vegan OK specification drawn up with the supervision of the Ethical and Scientific Committee of the Italian Vegani Onlus Association.


 Nickel Tested
The freedom to wear make-up without risk

Nickel in particularly sensitive people can cause allergy, which occurs on the areas of the skin exposed to it. The Nickel Tested badge shows that nickel traces have been analyzed.


PETA Cruelty Free

Peta believes that certain fundamental rights should be guaranteed to animals

PETA certified the companies included in its lists are absolutely Cruelty Free.

The goal is: the customer is always satisfied.