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puroBIO lip contour pencils serve to give that extra touch to your lip make-up.


Each pencil can be combined with a lipstick or a lip tint. 

Discover all the combinations!

The best way to pamper your lips and always be perfect


From the puroBio experience comes Lipliner the professional lip pencil to outline the lips in a few moments.


Precise, with a thin line, thanks to the natural oils contained in it, the mine is soft to the right point, and is suitable both for lip makeup, contour and filling, and for eye makeup, used as an eyeliner and / or eyeshadow if shaded .



The product is Nickel tested and is certified organic by ccpb.

The lipliner n. 08, n. 10, n. 35 and phantom pencil are Vegan Ok.


For lips with a volumized appearance, surround them externally with the pencil n. 02 and blend with the fingertip, this will give light and help in the application of the lipliner avoiding smudging.


Then apply the lipliner half a millimeter to the outside of the natural contour of the lips, proceed with filling with lipstick as usual.





Main ingredients:
Sweet Almond Oil, Sesame Oil




The phantom pencil is the help that every woman wants!

A transparent pencil, enriched with organic coconut oil and vegetable waxes that make it creamy and pleasant on the skin.

On the lip contour it is excellent for a perfect application of the lipstick, applied before it limits the smearing, passed after the application of the lipstick it helps to define the contours by illuminating the lip contour without needing to be shaded.

On the eyes it is excellent as a base for powders and to create eyeliner with eyeshadows that you like best.

Draw a line and pass on your favorite powder eyeshadow, you will make it more intense and marked, as if it were an eyeliner!

A finished eye make-up allows you to define the makeup in a defined way.

Applied on the eyebrows, fix them in the desired position.

Certified Organic by CCPB and Natrue, Vegan OK and Nickel tested.

Main ingredients: